Eloy America Latina is located in Guanacaste Province, Costa Rica. The company is specialized in domestic waste water treatment. In order to assure quality results our company is full-service, ie we manufacture, install and maintain our client’s integrated treatment systems. Our products help improve living standards and environmental sustainability. They conform to both the highest international and national standards.

Eloy Sewage treatment plants are perfectly adapted to the needs of individuals, businesses and small communities that are not connected to a sewage system but must effectively treat their wastewater (single-family homes, estates, residential buildings, hotels, campgrounds, buildings office space, restaurants, etc.).
With Eloy it is now possible
to have a home "micro-treatment station"
that will treat your wastewater
efficiently and responsibly.
Sustainable development :
a respectful and responsible
a respectful and responsible attitude society today must manage natural resources to satisfy its needs without harming the society of tomorrow.
It is now essential to protect our resources :
  • Fight against the pollution of rivers, oceans and groundwater.
  • Reduce consumption of potable water.
tel. (506) 88 89 87 32 or (506) 88 66 69 87